Meet The Author

The COPING Strategy was birthed decades ago as a product of Larry Gillespie's academic studies, on-the-job experience as a school psychologist, and Judeo-Christian heritage. After he incorporated this strategy into his own practice, its utility drew the attention of a number of his colleagues, who found it most helpful in their own practices. Professionals and non-professionals alike began to encourage Larry to share this phenomenal strategy with others in a format that has proven as easy to apply as it is powerful for change across cultures and creeds.

Currently, Larry and his wife Diane spend much of their time sharing the COPING Strategy with individuals and groups through printed and electronic formats and training activities. Knowing this strategy reveals their shared vision and mission. Consistently applying this strategy empowers individuals to share their experience of choosing a life of wholeness in a broken world.

Gillespie is a retired school psychologist; he resides in North Florida with his wife Diane, who is a registered nurse. He attended the University of North Florida, where he completed his undergraduate work in education and psychology, earned a master's degree in counseling, and completed additional graduate work in school psychology.

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