About The Book

What if it were possible for you to live in a much happier and significantly more fulfilled manner? What if there really were universal principles that could be practically applied, guaranteed to empower you to rise above the inevitable challenges of everyday life? What if these principles ultimately revealed the way to a life of personal wholeness? The COPING Strategy has been successfully employed to accomplish these objectives. But this message comes crashing into a world of ubiquitous brokenness. Broken governments, broken economies, broken industries, broken communities, broken schools, broken churches, broken families, broken relationships, broken promises, broken dreams, and broken hearts—these are matters that so often consume our energy and ultimately seize our days. Now imagine yourself living a life of joy and fulfillment, embracing principles guaranteed to empower you to rise above inevitable everyday challenges. Envision sharing these newly found tools for living and personal wholeness with family, friends, and coworkers. You choose to be there, and the COPING Strategy will guide you as you embark on this fascinating journey.

The COPING Strategy evolved over several decades as I presented it in various settings to hundreds of children and adults. Its principles have been shared with students, parents, teachers, school bus drivers, school administrators, secretaries, counselors, social workers, nurses, physicians, psychologists, single adults, senior adults, military personnel, church leaders, and many others. The truths embedded within this strategy are universal, reflected in the literature of research-based psychology and anchored in the wisdom of the sacred writings. However, when I began my university studies in psychology a number of years ago, I was a bit of an enigma to some of my Christian friends. From their perspective, much of Judeo-Christian theology and the discipline of psychology were mutually exclusive and irreconcilable. But through the study of the Holy Scriptures, I have gained my greatest insight into the dynamics of human behavior. Indeed, these sacred writings have become my primary psychology text. They provide a standard by which I measure all theory and principle.

In creating the COPING Strategy, I have collected the wisdom of ancient philosophy and the world's acclaimed thinkers and research scientists, alongside the truths of the sacred writings. On the pages that follow, I simply provide a ribbon that ties them all together. These are the principles that will help you create a more joyful, healthy, and fulfilled life ever after. These are the truths that build a life of wholeness in the midst of a broken world.
© 2015 Larry R. Gillespie